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is a Cattery fot the Siberian cat

and very occasionally we breed a litter Somalian cats.

We live in Amsterdam, near the Vondelpark.

We have lost our heart to this breed with their gentle and noble character,

and have no regrets for that.

Respect for the cat is first.

We consider ourselves as NEO breeder. A breeder that will improve the lines only by making matches with another excellent cat that is not closely related.

We think that inbreeding to improve or fix in the linage noses, ears etc is disgracefull behaviour to the responsability that is in our hands

and also that it is playing with fire.

We know that with this statement we kind of have offended many breeders,

but this is the price we are not afraid to pay.

The other site is that a lot of breeders and

buyers from our kittens respect this.

We have made a logo.

If you like to support this way of breeding, you may use it too.

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