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Our Somali Litter from :

No kittens available anymore....

We will repeat the litter again this year, if nature allows!

Daya's Anch Benben & Daya's Nenu Madhu

*both free of all known carrierships of the breed

testpedigree of the litter in Pawpeds : click here

both mentioned in ERoS

Madhu with Sekani, born 11-11-12

2 sweet kittens, born in the night of Friday to Saturday (female) and Saturdaymorning (male) had both grown to 124 gr in the Saturday evening!!!

Mum and kitties spend a careless Sunday together.

Then on Monday the following happened.

The little female was not feeling well in the morning. In the afternoon she was taken to the docter by Marlenne, in whose house the kittens are born. The docter send her home and advised to give some kittenmilk. This was already not possible anymore as Nebtie went more and more unconscious.

In the late afternoon she dyed.

We had aotopsion done and the result was that she dayed of an overfilled belley, that ruptured becaus of that.

She had been drinking too much...

The little boy is growing up well.

Daya's Ut Sekani

Colour : Bluesilver

Weight at birth : 110 gr

Here 9 w old


Daya = Compassion, gift

Ut = Big

Sekani = Laugh

Daya's Shert Nebti

Colour : Blacksilver

Weight at birth : 106

The kitten on the right

Growing up of the little boy :

Sister with paw on brothers back...

Eventhough the little girl was with

us so short,she was very dear to us!

Especially after the autopsion we wanted to take special care for the little body and had her cremated at

Animal Cremation Centre Naarden

Also we geve her a name :

Daya's Shert Nebti

after the Egyptian Princess who's tomb was just found in the weeks before she was born.

Litter where Madhu is from click here

Litter where Benben is from click here

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