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*Bitjoeg en Zosha* 

born 16-06-2011

Here 11.5 weeks old

No kittens available anymore.

Kittens may leave in the beginning of October

Theme of the litter : A Buddhist Special Day

Daya's Saka John

Moved house

male, Color : Solid Blue

Born 02.10

Birthweigt : 111 gr

Here is Saka, on the left, 5 mth old, together with Chai, in the middle and Saka's sister Dawa, on the right.

Saka John is outgoing and has an open charackter. He is also realy wild when he plays and loves to sleep on funny places together with his sister. Like between the towels in the cubboard

or in a (big) pan in the kitchen cubboard!

Saka oved house together with our retired male Grin,is grandpa, to be forever friends!

Daya's Dawa Iris



Color Blue

with 3 small white spots on

throat, chest and belly

Born 02.32

Birthweight : 79 gr

after 1 week 189 gr

Here 10 w old.

Dawa Iris is still is sweet to us and a little shy to strangers.

She enjoys being cuddled and petted.

A sweet and beautifull kitten!

 Pictures of the birth of this litter click here

Just like with Zosha's first litter, the small ones got born fast and easy. Differend this time was that Zosha not accepted any of the other cats near. While last year, she demanded that Himani stayed with her in the box where she got her first litter and was totally fine with the

other cats comming to see and sniff what was going on.

This time it was her and me, enjoying this adventure. As friends of me organised a medaitationevening where also people at a distance could join, it was a sweet atmosphere for me to join this while Zosha was getting ready.

After midnight she started of for real and soon gave birth to

2 very alive and healthy kittens.

Becaus Zosha got from the cattery where she was born the beautifull Buddhist name : "Shotoku" and she managed to pass these kittens on to the world in one of the most famous Buddhist full moon nights of the year,

the kittens get the name of this evening, together with the names of the beautifull people who organised the meditationevening

for their friends here in Amsterdam.

With 2.5 w they crawled out of the bench where Zosha got them and started to play with eachaother.

We put a big carton box around the bench and gave them also some toys.

With 4 weeks we put them in a bigger place with more space and toys.

Also with a little box for pee and poe, and yes...right away I could catch Saka doing his thing! BIG cat!!!

Since the beginning of August, Saka and Dawa enjoy the gang together with Medalion and Lidie and are all over the place!

Soon also Luna's kids will join...

Pedigree from these kittens click here

The Parents :

The combination Bitjoeg & Zosha is very promising.

Behind Bitjoeg, from fathers line, is a famous Italian showline and from mothers site a very old German Siberianline.

Grin, the father of Zosha, who lives here in our cattery, has just behind him some foundationlines that have prooven already to have a really good influence on fur and type. Zosha has, from motherssite, behind her a beautifull Neva Masqueradeline. 

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