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*Grin & Luna*

Litter born 07-07-2011

This combination has given, for the second time, a beautifull litter!

Just like Zosha's first litter, the kittens were born on two separate days!

For the registration of this litter we choose the date of

the 7th of the 7th, the Day off Fairytales

and Fairytales will be the

theme of this litter.

The kittens are named with fantasy names from Fairytales.

Daya's Fairy Briana

Meaning of Briana t: Mighty / Strong

Neva Masquerade Blue Tabby Point,


birth weight: 112 gr, after 2 w 340 gr

Here 13 w old

Moved out

Together with Alexander (Elaine & Doro) to Laurence, Laurent and William in Luxembourg.

came back. Briana is a perfect kitten.

Lively, sweet and playful and of a beautifull type. She really is big and strong and has a full fluffly fur or good texture ..

Growing up or Brianna:

Daya's Fairy Chai

Meaning Chai: the Domain of the Fairies

Blue Tabby, male

weight at birth: 106 gr

with 2 weeks 325 gr

Here 9 weeks old

Moved house

Chai is all day exploring this beautifull world he finds himself in. He's too bizzy to ly in your lap for longer than a second, but is curious and friendly to us too. He purrs when petted and gives sweet little licks on your fingers. Lives now, together with Dawa, with the Saskia & Family and a strange looking (for them) Devon Rex Yippie.

Chai growing up:

Daya's Fairy Lilly

meaning Lilly, all little witchfairy

Blue Tabby, female

weight at birth: 90 gr

with 2 weeks 310 gr

Here 9 weeks old


Lives now with the Schabbink Family and Siberian friend Hector

Dorissa is a sweet and friendly kitten When petted she starts spinning right away. She likes to softly nibble your fingers and toes.

The shade of blue is a little lighter than Chai's.

Lilly growing up:

In the evening of the 6th of July, Luna first had 2 babies of this litter. She was giving birth fast and easy and it seemed as if that was it.

She started cleaning herself, was totally satisfied and at eas with her litter.

When the next evening I was uploading the pictures, one eye in the box where Luna was with her kittens, I suddenly heard a newborn kitten screem ... I looked in the box, and to my surprise saw another, very alive, kitten! Luna took care of her and the kitten crisprossed a few times about her belly to find the nipple, passing them quit a few times, until she finally found her right one and she, suckling quietly, came to rest.

I only red about this phenomena and it was astonishing to see it happen.

, We were very lucky that after just a little less then 24 hours a healthy kitten was born, becaus when a kitten stays behind, usually after 24 hours birth is not possible anymore. She just came in time!

The parents

GIC Lurinats'Loengrin by Daya IC Bubastis Poniente by Daya

Why did we choose this combination?

The father of Luna (Vitiaz Bargouzin) as well as Grin are both

cats with close behind them foundationlines , cats that have been chosen to start or a new Siberianbloodline.

It's one of the beauties of this race that still brought new cats.

Also this is very nescesary for the health of this broad, as we see how small the amount of Siberian breedingcats is.

With Luna and Grin, two valuable foundation lines have combined,

the ones from Vitiaz and Grin.

That have already been proven to increase the beauty in the offspring

Beside that, Luna and Grin both have a wonderfull character!

Also both parents are carrying a Nevagen, Grin from a famous Russian bloodline and Luna from the side of her Mum Jelena from a

famous German Neva line.

Parents from these cats have been tested many years on hcm and pkd.

Female kittens from this combination may be sold for breeding outside the Benelux and male males outside Europe.

The females will be sold as pets

or breedingcats A female for breeding will only be sold

outside the B enelux.

The male will be sold as a pet or breeding cat He will only be sold for breeding outside of Europe .

In both cases a contract

will be made.

Daya's Sir Lancelot, from the first litter of this

combination, at 5 months of age.

Kittens leave with the age of 16 weeks, many times dewormed, ented, (if outside Netherlands also for Rabies), chipped and with a passport and health certificate and Pedigree.

If interested, please contact Cattery Daya +316215787

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