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 * Litter KAI & HIMANI *  

born 15-03-2012

4 kittens!

video of the Mum & Babies..just born clickhere

pedigree of the babies click here

No more kittens available !

Parents are :

Kai Wild Taiga

black silver spotted tabby

Daya's Out of Time Chuen Himani


Here are their 4 sweet babies..

Their brith to Himani was a true Miracle,

so they all will get that word in their names

Daya's Wondergirl Jessie


Born : 12.25

Weight : 111 gr

Here 13 w old

moved to new home

With André and Rita.

Has become friends already with Siberian cat Senna!!

Daya's Wonderboy Jake


Born : 12.40

Weight : 120 gr

Here 13 w old

moved house

A true sweetheart!

Lives now with Ea and will hopefully become quickly good friends with Somali Pablo!

Daya's Wonderboy Jude


Geboren : 13.05

Weight : 107 gr

Hier 13 w oud


Woont, samen met Modi van Kai en Zhimi, bij Ruth en Tico.

Daya's Wonderboy James


Born : app. 14.00

Weight : 112 gr

Here 14 w old

moved house

To Marjolijn and Marco and their two other Siberian cats,

Jaclyn and "our" Ishim (Grin&Zhimi 2011) 

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