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 Kai Wild Taiga

Black Silver Tabby Spotted

Daya's Ayu-Tash Josephine


On 22-03-2013 their 4 sweet babies were born!

All is going well with mum and babies....

Pedigree of this litter : click here

Daya's Lovely Aslan

Aslan = lion


colour : White

birthweight 104 gr

Sweet character, nice type and exellent profile

moved house

ToJolanda and Family. Moved together with his brother Azar!

His new name is Quinny!

Here 13 w old

Daya's Lovely Azar

Azar = flame


colour : Black Tabby

birthweight 105 gr

Very friendly, big and strong

moved house

To Jolanda and Family. Moved together with his brother Aslan!

New name : Diesel!

Here almost 13 w old

Daya's Lovely Asti

Asti = existence


colour : White/odd-eyed

birthweight 94 gr


Here 14,5 w old

A fairytal girl!

Daya's Lovely Ambar

Ambar = heaven

Boy, colour : White

birthweight 102 gr


for Janneke and Ismaël. Ambar will share his life with them together with Elvah,

from the litter of Kai with Zhimi

Here 14 w old

This is the first litter for Josephine and the second litter from Kai.

They are 4 beautifull babies and they were born very easy with the help

from aunty Zhimi! Also Zhimi helps care for the babies as if they are her own,

and Josephine does the same for Zhimi's kittens.

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